The Kitchen

JB & BJ Grim

One day the Kitchen decided to leave the house.  Can you imagine — leave the house!?!  It was already out of town when I caught up and asked, “Where are you going with the dishes and cups?  Are you upset?”

Of course the Kitchen didn’t reply, but the oven, puffing smoke, bellowed a cry, “We’re tired.  Just tired.  That’s all.  So when the Kitchen said go, we answered the call and went.  Gruf-Huff-Poof!”

“But,” I protested, “you’ve so many meals and holidays and birthdays and parties and … and so many occasions provided for.  How can you all that success ignore?”

The oven shut its door and frowned.  The teapot pouted its lip and looked down, “He said tired.  We’re all just tired.”

Upon hearing that, I naïvely inquired, “Tired of What?”

You’d think I had tickled a laughing hyena!  The shrieks from the pots and the pans and the china, the flatware and sink and the Kitchen itself, revealed very clearly the anger they felt! Then up flared the stove and the cutlery flew and I barely escaped, and I now must tell you — whoever enters a hot Kitchen nave exceeds and surpasses the bravest of brave.  And I, for one, I tell you my friend, shall not ever question a Kitchen again.